Saturday, September 25, 2010

By At Home Wear for Ran Raalte

Peach Lurex Vintage Mini Dress
I was surprised when I came across this cute little 70s lurex mini dress and found an unusual Van Raalte label in it. 
This little dress has a simple A-line shape with artful gathers at the bust to create a curvy shape. The fabric is a sparkly silver lurex on a peach poly knit. It very likely was a long maxi dress that has been cut shorter.  Definitely not a typical design from Van Raalte.

"At Home Wear" was started by Spanish fashion designer Fernando Sanchez in 1973.  He studied fashion at École de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne in the early 50s and was a classmate of Yves Saint Laurent.  He worked at Nina Ricci and later Christian Dior designing lingerie and knitwear and also worked for Vanity Fair.  He is also known for his glamorous and extravagant colorful dyed furs he designed for Revillon in the 1960s and early 1970s. His designs are described as "Seductive, luxurious, trendsetting, and expensive


Fernando created "At Home Wear" with an emphasis on lounging pieces for easy glam at home and was an initiator of the concept of lingerie being worn as outerwear.  He must have designed a line of lounging pieces for Van Raalte but I can find no specific information or advertising of these. 

Another example:

A groovy lounging dress with a bright autumnal floral print, courtesy of BoudoirBarbie

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Van Raalte Rhinestones

I love the simplicity of this chiffon top by Van Raalte and I've never seen this design before.  Judging by the font on the tag and the style it's gotta be from the 60s.  A pullover top with raglan sleeves and rhinestone trim.  Sheer orange nylon chiffon.  Not a typical nightgown design, this looks to me like it was part of a two piece pajama set .  Presently on Ebay auction by the Cemetarian. 

Also check out the Cemetarians site for an exceptional vintage sewing pattern dating guide

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Roaring 20's Van Raalte Singlettes

1920s Flappers had newfound freedom and lotsa style!  Van Raalte was quick to cash in on the new fashions and came out with a line of all in one, "step in" undergarments called "Singlettes".

Check out this incredibly rare 1920s teddy currently on auction from NancyRomancy .  This vintage beauty is in a lovely silk knit (probably a jersey).  Fabulous Flapper Style.  It's hard to imagine how revolutionary it was for women to have freedom of movement!

Also see this photo from Harpers Magazine dated 1928 of a dancer wearing what appears to be the same design courtesy of GlamourSplash's Blog   There are some really amazing photos of 1920s ballerinas wearing Van Raalte Singlettes in this post so make sure you check this out!' 

1937 Stryps Girdle Singlette from Forgetmenot3

Van Raalte registered the trademark for the word "singlette" as a combination undergarment made of knitted fabric: First use declared as 1925, registration March 18, 1930.  I could not find the patent for this.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Van Raalte Coolies

This is a simple sheer nylon nightgown with a pretty diamond shaped weave in the fabric and shirred elastic waist.  But what makes this interesting is the tag:  I've never seen this label before. The old blocky V font indicates this is made before approx 1962.  This is currently on Ebay auction by Smoothjazz57 and comes from an Estate of a former Van Raalte employee.  

I could locate no trademark for "coolies" by Van Raalte

A search through newspaper archives found 2 ads in 1938 and 1940 respectively where Van Raalte use the word "coolies"; not for a specitic line of lingerie but refering to any very light and sheer summer weight rayon fabric.  Since this gown is nylon it has to be post WWII at the very earliest,  but judging from the style is likely late 50s to very early 60s.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Van Raalte Vintage Teddies

I recently found this beautiful 80s Van Raalte teddy in glossy rose nylon and cream lace and it made me realise that I've rarely found teddies from this company.

Definition (according to Wikipedia) : a teddy is an undergarment which combines a camisole and panty in one piece. Unlike a bodysuit, it is typically looser and more sheer, and may be designed to slip off from the shoulders, rather than to open at the crotch.

Known as a camiknicker, envelope chemise or "step-in" in previous incarnations, I always think of the "teddy" as being mainly a roaring 20's garment. They did however have a resurgence in lingerie fashion during the 80s.
If anyone has any Van Raalte teddies, or pictures of teddies in ads please let me know.
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Monday, September 21, 2009

Van Raalte Tiger Stripes


This Seller posted this fabulous set on the Ebay Vintage Clothing and Accessories Board to try to narrow down the date. It's a silky 60s nylon bra and panty Tigress set from Van Raalte, 34B, M and currently on auction on Ebay by TheShopping Mom2 Even better it is new old stock with tags!

Front label of bra. Note is has the script style front that was in use sometime after 1962

Back label of bra. Note is says Antron, not Antron III

Front label of panties

Back label of panties

Tags had to be removed to ensure no damage was caused by the pins.
The only other similar item I could find was this sexy tiger slip (Size 32) available from Paisley Babylon This slip has a similar tag as the set above and is probably from the same collection. If anyone has a copy of the advertisement please contact me, I'd love to see it!
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Friday, August 21, 2009

70s & 80s Nightgowns

During this period the nightgowns were often in bright colors in lovely glossy nylon. Elegant and simple slip style gowns with lace insertions and floor length sweeping hems.

This stunning example from CatBooks1940s. 70s Keyhole in raspberry red.

Late 70s, early 80s nightgown in lovely glossy peach nylon, very much in the Olga tradition. Courtesy of Pinup Dresses.

A long slip style gown in an unusual shade of mauve rose that I recently sold. The tag is pretty faded. Made in Canada. 100% nylon. Dates to 70s.

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