Monday, October 6, 2008

More Van Raalte Ads

Double Tipped Silk Gloves 1920, Courtesy of The Woods Elf Store

Van Raalte Silk Stockings 1927

Van Raalte Singlettes and Silk Stocking 1929

"Stryps" Van Raalte Rayon Jersey Gowns - 1940s, exact date unknown

Lastex Undies April 1940, Courtesy of Hprints

Jamettes 1942

Rayon Stockings Ad 1942, Courtesy of Ads of the Past

Flextoe Stockings 1948

Color Witchery 1948

Shades of Spring Nylon Tricot Slip, Gown and Panties 1949, courtesy of Birthday Life Magazines Las Vegas

Dreams are made of Nylon Jersey lavished with nylon lace 1949, Courtesy of French Ads Paradise

Nylon tricot nightgown slip & panties 1949, Courtesy of Mirluck

Flextoe Stockings 1949

Paris Inspired Tulip Slip 1953

Summer Frost 1953, Courtesy of Nyras Vintage Ads

"Femme fatale. What does she wear? An ecru lace cascade running down and around a coat and gown of elegant Turqua satin..." 1965. Courtesy of Jack*tripper

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