Saturday, June 20, 2009

Van Raalte of Canada

Since I live in Canada, I occasionally come across a Van Raalte piece that says Made in Canada on the label. Up until now every piece has been a relatively recent, 70s or 80s nightgown or peignoir set, but yesterday I found a 60s slip with a different Made in Canada tag.

I've actually been questioned by a customer as to whether this is the same Van Raalte company, so I did a trademark search on the Canada CIPO website:

VAN RAALTE COMPANY, INC.417 Fifth AvenueNew York, New York UNITED STATES OF AMERICA filed for the trademark "Van Raalte" in Canada on 1945-01-29 (claimed first use of trademark in Canada 1935). As of 1995 the trademark is registered to owner Warnaco U.S., Inc.and is still active (as far as I know it is no longer in use).


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

very cool- what a find and a coincidence! thanks for coming to my blog!

Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Wonderful pics and very interesting info! My favorite part of being a vintage seller, is the history:)
Great job!