Saturday, December 8, 2007


Van Raalte's SHEERIO line, used the most beautiful silky and ultra sheer nylon imaginable. Most of the labels I've seen have the SHEERIO name on them, but occasionally you will see the same fabric called PHILMY Sheerio, or sometimes just PHYLMY. These pieces are becoming harder to find and are commanding high prices, so if you have an opportunity to own a Sheerio piece do not pass it up.

"Sheerio" trademark registered in 1934, but was in use as early as 1931. The trademark was renewed by Van Raalte in 1974. It is now dead.

Here is a great Sheerio Ad from 1949

A superb PHYLMY full slip with embroidered chiffon Empress Jade Vintage

A delicious crystal pleat Sheerio nightgown and a rare Sheerio teddy both courtesy of Heavenly Vintage Lingerie

A pale blue flounced Sheerio nightgown with embroidered chiffon - courtesy of Heartsvintage


Bakelite Gal said...

Thanks for the useful links on this blog. Helped me buy the perfect present.

Anonymous said...

I have a Van Raalte "Sheerio" teddie that my mother says belonged to my Great-Grandmother. Thanks to your blog I have been able to learn more about it.

luvs2ridefar said...

I have a Van Rallte "Sheerio" teddy that belonged to my Great-Grandmother. Thanks to your blog I was able to identify it.