Saturday, April 12, 2008

SALLY SCHRANK - A Van Raalte Mystery

SALLY SCHRANK by Van Raalte?
A reader sent me these pictures to try to date these Van Raalte PJ's, but I could find nothing in the USA trademark database on Sally Schrank and no advertisements for this line. I've never seen this tag before. It's hard to date the pj bottoms accurately because the design is so simple, but with the boxy style and chiffon trim I would have to guess these are 1960s. If anyone has any other items with this label please let me know.

After posting this question on the Ebay vintage clothing & accessories forum it has been determined Sally Schrank was a childrens clothing label and were around from at least the late 60s and must have briefly done a line of kids pj's for Van Raalte. One ad was found in the Oneonta Star, The (Newspaper) - February 11, 1971 advertising a Sally Shrank girls pj set, so we know they were around until at least the early 70s. Thanks to catbooks1940s for providing this ad info and I-am-vintage for providing the photos.

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