Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Serious lingerie collectors always hope to acquire at least one piece from Van Raalte's STRYPS line. The 1940's pieces are a delicious curve hugging spun rayon knit. The pattern is the most subtle tone on tone; alternating shiny and matte stripes. Gloriously comfortable with undeniable sex appeal, these gowns are my absolute favorite.

A Cerulean Blue Stryps Ballet Length Nightgown, courtesy of GUN STREET VINTAGE , likely a 60s vintage.

Here is a truly gorgeous example of a Stryps nightgown in lavender pink, recently sold on EBay by the Silkenhouse who also has their own website at

Here is another V neck Stryps gown in baby blue courtesy of Molly Rita's Vintage Fashion

Following their huge success of their Stryps line of knit rayon lingerie, Van Raalte found many imitations or "knockoffs" of this style on the market. They did, however, license Sears to sell this style, but not under the "Stryps" name. Sears sold this unique style under the Charmode name, and called them simply "Rayon Tricot". Here is an example of a lavender pink Charmode teddy ( or onesie) which is identical to the lavender pink gown show at the top of this page. Information and photos courtesy of the Silkenhouse and the

About dating.
The earliest Stryps ad we found was dated 1933 and the latest was 1968.


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