Monday, September 6, 2010

Roaring 20's Van Raalte Singlettes

1920s Flappers had newfound freedom and lotsa style!  Van Raalte was quick to cash in on the new fashions and came out with a line of all in one, "step in" undergarments called "Singlettes".

Check out this incredibly rare 1920s teddy currently on auction from NancyRomancy .  This vintage beauty is in a lovely silk knit (probably a jersey).  Fabulous Flapper Style.  It's hard to imagine how revolutionary it was for women to have freedom of movement!

Also see this photo from Harpers Magazine dated 1928 of a dancer wearing what appears to be the same design courtesy of GlamourSplash's Blog   There are some really amazing photos of 1920s ballerinas wearing Van Raalte Singlettes in this post so make sure you check this out!' 

1937 Stryps Girdle Singlette from Forgetmenot3

Van Raalte registered the trademark for the word "singlette" as a combination undergarment made of knitted fabric: First use declared as 1925, registration March 18, 1930.  I could not find the patent for this.

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