Monday, September 21, 2009

Van Raalte Tiger Stripes


This Seller posted this fabulous set on the Ebay Vintage Clothing and Accessories Board to try to narrow down the date. It's a silky 60s nylon bra and panty Tigress set from Van Raalte, 34B, M and currently on auction on Ebay by TheShopping Mom2 Even better it is new old stock with tags!

Front label of bra. Note is has the script style front that was in use sometime after 1962

Back label of bra. Note is says Antron, not Antron III

Front label of panties

Back label of panties

Tags had to be removed to ensure no damage was caused by the pins.
The only other similar item I could find was this sexy tiger slip (Size 32) available from Paisley Babylon This slip has a similar tag as the set above and is probably from the same collection. If anyone has a copy of the advertisement please contact me, I'd love to see it!
XOXO Empress Jade Vintage


Velo said...

leopard print : never die.. ;D

Sandy's Fancy Pants Antiques and Collectibles said...

fabulous site and meow set.

Lingerie and Underwear said...

I love leopard prints. It's always is in fashion.

Alex said...

Umm... not to be picky, but those aren't the markings of leopards. Is leopard-print just a catch-all term for anything resembling a large cat's coat? Because those are clearly tiger stripes.

Empress Jade said...

Alex, not sure what you are talking about.... Is the post title not " Van Raalte Tiger Stripes"???

XOXO Empress Jade Vintage